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Personal Evangelism Guide for The Gospel Driven Man – Downloadable ebook


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I pray this book will be an enlightening and motivational study for every child of God, who desires to become a soul winner.

What is a soul winner? A soul winner is a specialist; in the art of making the gospel clear to the lost person and tactfully drawing the net.

Since the purpose of this book is to motivate and instruct soul winners, this book is written for the sake of the lost man. I don’t believe we can win the world to Christ, but I do believe we can reap a harvest. Therefore, it behooves every leader in Christian work to firmly determine that he will produce soul winners. We are training soldiers for the most important warfare in the world, a spiritual warfare for the souls of men. One of the strongest deterrents to becoming a soul winner; is a lack of confidence which results from a lack of knowledge.

This book is designed to assist EVERY child of God to be an effective soul winner by equipping every saint with the greatest power made available to man the Gospel. It explains what the Gospel IS, what it IS NOT, how to PRESENT the Gospel, how to ILLUSTRATE the Gospel, and how to DEFEND the Gospel. It will help you to definitely know from Scripture what God’s will is for your life. This book is a guide to help Christian leaders make the Gospel clear and plain to the lost, and to counteract attempts by others, who are perverting the message of the Gospel. This book will make clear the course and purpose of the Christian life and will reveal from Scripture the philosophy on how to accomplish that purpose. There is nothing more challenging, stressful, sorrowful, hurtful, discouraging, taxing, or burdensome than the GOSPEL DRIVEN LIFE. There is nothing that causes more divisions, differences, attacks, misunderstandings, eternal consequences, or persecutions than the GOSPEL DRIVEN LIFE. BUT There is nothing more powerful, dynamic, exciting, fulfilling, lasting, enjoyable, and rewarding, than the GOSPEL DRIVEN LIFE.

Upon receipt of payment, a link will be provided that allows you to download this ebook in PDF format.

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Your prayers made it possible for me to travel and preach the gospel in 2022


January of 2022 began with me fighting for my life in ICU at the Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa. The Lord honored the prayers of thousands of saints from around the world, and the Lord raised me up.

I was not only able to continue my traveling ministry but also the radio and YouTube ministry as well. Your continual prayers and financial giving enabled me to keep my staff on board for this year. Thank you very much.

Just so you know, I draw a financial gift of $1,000.00 per week and all the rest of the gifts for Yankee Arnold Ministries (which is tax deductible) goes to support my staff in the production of the radio programs and the YouTube ministry. All the funds received from my on the road ministry goes into the Yankee Arnold Ministries Account.

After spending almost four months (January-April) recovering from Covid, I knew the possibilities of losing most of the support to keep the ministry afloat was very real but was totally blessed to see the provisions that were provided by God’s gospel loving people.

We are living at difficult times and I understand the many decisions that must be made as families are struggling on how to provide their own needs. If for any reason you find that you must make changes in giving to Yankee Arnold Ministries, please support your own church and chosen missionaries.

Your prayers made it possible for me to travel and preach the gospel in 2022.

April 24 Sun.      Calvary Community Church         Pastor Jesse Martinez    Tampa, Fla.

May 1 Sun.          Double Springs Baptist Church   Randy Waller                     Jonesborough, TN  

May 4 Wed.        Valley Grace Baptist Church        Tyler Branham                   Virgie, Ky 

May 7 Sat            Chili Crossroads Bible Church     Pastor Neal Dearyan       Wild Game   

                                Over 500 attended; about 30 trusted the Lord; just gospel - 15 minutes

May 8 Sun.          Chili Crossroads Bible Church     Pastor Neal Dearyan       Fresno, OH

May 15 Sun.       Northland Bible Church                Pastor Tom Cucuzza        St. Cloud, Minn

May 21 Sat.        Granddaughter’s graduation      Abby Arnold                       Athens, Ga.

May 25 Wed      Bemidji Baptist Church                  Pastor Jim Mucerino       Bemidji, Minn.

May 29 Sun        Bemidji Baptist Church                  Pastor Jim Mucerino       Bemidji, Minn.

June 3                   Majestic Pines Community          Dennis Hines Minn.         12-15 trusted the Lord

June 5-8 Sun      Grace Gospel Church                     Pastor Lance Edminster Taconite, MN

June 10 Fri           Funeral service for                          Denver Couch                   Henryville, Ind.

June 12 Sun.       DaySpring Baptist Church             Pastor Daniel Reehoff    Pewaukee, WI  

June 23-24           “Grace Conference”                       Pastor Jim Scudder          Lake Zurich, IL   

July 3 Sun.           Tippicanoe Bible Church               Bill and Kris Kaminsky     Lafayette, Indiana

July 10 Sun.        Heritage Baptist Church                Pastor Gregory Shirk       Perry, Ohio        

July 17 Sun.        Tonawanda Indian Baptist Church Pastor Bob Dean         Basom, New York            

July 17 Sun.        High Point Community Church   Pastor Bob Dean            Corfu, New York              

July 24 Sun.        Chili Crossroads Bible Church     Pastor Neal Dearyan       Fresno, OH

July 27 Wed.      New Beginnings Fellowship Church                                 Pikeville, Ky                       

July 31 Sun.        Community Baptist Church          Pastor James Greer         Franklin, NC       

Aug7 Sun.            Grace Community Church            Pastor John Clark              Newnan, Ga

Aug 21   Sun.       Fayette Bible Church                      Pastor Steven   Fayetteville Georgia

Aug 28   Sun.       Quentin Road Baptist Church     Pastor Scudder                  Lake Zurich, IL

Sep 4     Sun.       Salem Baptist Church                     Pastor, Drew Elrod           Calhoun, GA

Sep 6-7 T-W        “Grace Conference”                       Dr. Rick Whitmire             McDonough, GA

Sep 25-28             Pleasant Olive Baptist Church    Eric Elrod                            Rydal, GA

Oct 16-18             “Calvary Mission Conference”   Pastor Jesse Martinez    Tampa Fla.

Oct 23                   Life Gate Baptist Church               Jeff Mims                             Arab, Al.              

Oct 30                   Calvary Community Church         Pastor Jesse Martinez    Tampa Fla.

Nov 6     PM         Calvary Community Church         Pastor Jesse Martinez    Tampa Fla.         

Nov 9     PM         Calvary Community Church         Pastor Jesse Martinez    Tampa Fla.

I just received this letter last Thursday. I know you see the value of YAM and will continue to pray for my health, safety on the road and great influence in those that are saved and lost.

On 10/27/2022 7:36 PM, Branham, Tyler wrote:
Hey Yankee,

I finally finished your PE course. Thank you for everything! Here are my thoughts:

Yankee Arnold Ministries has changed my life! A few years ago, I discovered Yankee through a friend (Chris Bartley), who shared Greg Stier’s book, Gospelize, with me. As I read, I kept reading about a man named Ralph “Yankee” Arnold. Out of curiosity, I searched his name on the internet and lo and behold there he was on YouTube!
After listening to some of his messages, reading his book The Gospel Driven Man, and anything else I could find - I found out that he was going to be preaching at a church less than 2 hours away. I told my wife we had to go meet the man to see if he really is just like the man I watch on YouTube! Needless to say - he was! A gospel driven man if there ever was one. A man who practices what he preaches and a master in the art of soul winning. Yankee has since visited my area to preach on two occasions. Each time I have had the pleasure of spending some time with him and his wife Betty. Time after time, I witnessed Yankee witness to stranger after stranger. In restaurants, grocery stores, RV parks, golf courses, you name it - Yankee is not ashamed of the gospel! He has a burden for souls like no one I have ever seen before.
Recently, I completed Yankee’s Personal Evangelism class online through Florida Bible College of Tampa. Other than the Bible, no other resource has proven to be as valuable as the lectures and notes from this class. They are a resource that I plan to revisit over and over for the rest of my life. If you want to know the Bible - take this class! If you want to know your purpose in life - take this class! If you want to know how to fulfill that purpose - take this class! If you want to be a soul-winner - take this class! It is practical and will give you the Bible knowledge and communication skills you need to serve the Lord and bear much fruit.
Thanks again!
Tyler Branham
Thank You and God Bless,

If you are interested in looking at the possibility of taking an online class yourself, check out this link, call, or email Dr. Robert Gilbert for more information.

Dr. Bob Gilbert, Registrar   ><>
850-227-5325 (cell)

Florida Bible College of Tampa

4811 George Road

Tampa, FL  33634

If you like what I am doing and can do so, would you pray for God’s will in supporting this great gospel ministry? To give online: CLICK HERE!

Yankee Arnold Ministries

Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold

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